The Malthouse Collective

We are thrilled to showcase over 80 Makers and Antiques Dealers, offering a diverse collection of new and old. We look forward to welcoming you to our collective.

An inspiring new shopping experience…The Malthouse Collective, Stroud.

Full of beautiful things, old and new, brought to you by individual Dealers and Makers of The Malthouse Collective. Showcased in the iconic Malthouse at Salmon Springs in Stroud, the antiques, vintage and collectables are perfectly complemented by these historic surroundings.

Specialist Antique Dealers, and Makers present a comprehensive range of products from interiors to accessories through to new technologies. The Malthouse Collective is proud to work collaboratively with its members to celebrate craftsmanship and creativity while nurturing new talent and supporting small businesses.

For customers we guarantee no two visits will be the same and you will struggle not to go home with something you love, whatever your style! And remember the Bar and Kitchen restaurant next door can offer a much needed break, allowing you to make all those important purchase decisions over some tasty refreshments.

Introducing our new outdoor seating area, ‘The Hop Barn’.

It is a heated wooden clad shelter with tables and chairs where you can enjoy food and drink from our café Brick & Brew.  It has an open front and also a large door to the side, so it is well ventilated and seats up to 30 people.  With heating on demand, it is be a great place to meet outside with friends and family come rain or shine. Orders can be placed in the foyer and the food will be brought to you. If you are unable to enter the building please ring the bell in The Hop Barn and someone will take your order from the table.  We appreciate these are difficult times and we are trying to offer facilities that make it easier for you to meet up and enjoy the café, if you are able to come out at this time.  And for those of you who still need a takeaway please just ask.

We have a number of events on Sundays in December, where we have invited local food traders to join us for the day and help launch this wonderful and handy new space at the Malthouse Collective.

The café will also be open for people to enjoy the new festive menu, of Santa’s Breakfast,  Sprout, Chestnut and Sage soup, Boxing Day Brunch, and Yuletide Waffle with homemade honeycomb.

Take a look at our new menus:

Shop Opening Hours
(Café Hours are different)

Mon, Thurs, Fri … 10-5pm

Sat … 10-5pm

Sun … 10-4pm

Cafe Opening Hours

Mon, Thurs, Fri … 10-3pm (full menu)

Sat & Sun … 10-3pm (full menu)

Sat and Sun … 3-4pm (Coffee and Cake)